2014 appears to be coming to and end VERY quickly

20141224@1300L - MERRY CHRISTMAS - The lights at Keebler Christmas will be on from 1600CST TONIGHT untill 2401 December 26th. Please come by and enjoy them. Remember That JESUS is the only reason for this season. It is not lining the pockets of the fat kats, or buying the oil companies a new island. it is about a savior which is CHRIST THE LORD.

After you visit the lights, please click the contact button and tell me what you think . thank you

20141220@1630L - Fixed the issues with the lights. Lights are ON

20141219@1800L - Lights are ON (YEAH)

20141219@0200L - With any luck, the lighs will be on tonight! - stay tuned!

20141217@1610L - The lights are all UP and operational. i have a few pages of edits to make before the display will run. If i don't get them corrected tonight, it wont be till Friday night. - stay tuned

20141217@0800L - FINALLY!!! the lights are almost ready. after tons and tons of delays. the lights MAY be on tonight.. This year experienced lots of financial issues, poor quality new lights, etc. But, none-the-less, the lights MIGHT be on tonight if i finish testing and getting the last components up.

The RADIO stream is OFFLINE. the radio computer crashed, and i haven't had time to fix it.

20141127 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING (lights are still not up and running, and I have n idea when they will be)

20141126 - The lights will NOT be on until way after THANKSGIVING this year. There is so much to do, and with the limited budget and and lack of time. Stay tuned and enjoy the radio stream.

20141102 -Finally the online link for the radio is up and running. you can listen LIVE here

20141026 - The RADIO station is up and running, albeit only locally 93.1FM right now. It will be up on the Internet and here on my website soon.


Till the Lights come on


Till Christmas