20160401 - I have started a new addition to my Christmas displays. I am calling it, KMG or (Keebler Media Group). By clicking HERE, you will be able to see first hand what EVENTS I am doing. But due to my military injuries this is a VERY limited venture, only allowing 2 - 3 events a year by donation and providing I have enough help to do it. In short my mind is able, but my body fails me.

20160224 - Again I wish to express my apologies for a lack of a display last year (2015). As most know, I am a disabled combat Vet, and well to put it simply, my injuries caught up to me, and the crazy weather we had made my front yard a swamp.

I am confident that starting that much earlier this year will allow me to get the display up and troubleshot so that the display will be on again this year. Making this my 6th year. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you again this CHRISTmas season!


Till the Lights come on


Till Christmas