NOTICE: Can someone tell me why the SO CALLED CHRISTIAN party wants to electrify the border fence to KILL thousands of kids? is that what it means to be a CHRISTIAN today? trying to see how many they can KILL?

MY God tells me that, I am to Love GOD before everyone else and to love others as I love myself. IF Jesus Himself said it, it must be important. I cant remember reading anywhere where it says that killing is ok.



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2014 NEWS


20140719 - Regretfully, I must announce that I doubt there will be funding to do the light display this year. So for the first time in 8 years, This house will most likely be dark on Christmas.


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2014 marks the 6th year that Keebler Christmas has brought you this computer controlled choreographed light display. The display has evolved by leaps and bounds with 2012 being the first year I was able to use pixels in my display. Generally, pixels are used on stage and in professional ventures; however, the cost for these devices has dropped so much in recent years that I was able to get a few in my show. If you wish to see the previous years offerings, you may view them by clicking MEDIA then VIDEO.

The 2014 light show is scheduled to begin THANKSGIVING night and will run through the first weekend in January 2015. Specific hours will be released closer to the launch date. There will be a live ticker here showing the current light show status, weather, and any delays.

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Keebler Christmas wishes to offer a special thank you to

 the folks at DIYC ( the greatest do it yourself site on the web.

TSO Trans-Siberian Orchestra ( ) for the AWESOME job of inspiring us and keeping us supplied with AWESOME music :) thank you guys!

ALL the thousands of people who visit every year and see the light show. it means the world to see you come back year after year and bringing your families and friends to help us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

copyright @2014 All rights reserved. All images used by permission, or GPU licensing.

Till the Lights come on


Till Christmas