NOTICE: The ACA is a huge step our government has taken to take care of the poor and less fortunate, and the so-called Christian party wants to further oppress these people. - Not very Christ like. Christ wanted to help those less fortunate. Modern day Christians only want to help themselves under the guise of helping others. Truth is only GOD knows anyones heart and the real motivation behind what people do.



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20131226 - Thank you to everyone that came out and saw the lights this year. There were more visitors this year than in all the previous years combined (unofficial). This season will officially END with the last presentation on Saturday, JANUARY 4th, 2013. The display runs nightly from 6 pm to 10 pm

20131221 - lights are running tonight. tree 4 is down for the count (a casualty of the ice storm) . i will try to get the board rebuilt BEFORE Christmas, but (and it is a HUGE BUT) with everything going on around here before Christmas it may not happen. either way, enjoy the display

20131219 - Lights are on BUT, having more issues with tree 4 and 5. For now, they are off line. i will work on them more Friday and Saturday.

20131212 - Lights are up and running - enjoy... please click CONTACT and tell me what you thought about my lights.

20131211 - Light Show (take 1) video posted - full as it runs* (see description) HERE I can not get my truck up there to reprogram that chip till the snow and ice are gone.

20131208 - After 2 days, my lights are back up, well most of them. I have one tree that is not working correctly, but the display looks pretty good. I hope to reprogram that chip today and bring them all back online by tonight.

20131206 - WOW, What an Ice storm. The good news is none of my fixtures had any REAL damage. the bad news is that I have 2 major power lines (supplying power to my display) that have been compromised in various ways. as a result, the light show is suspended until I make repairs. HERE are some pics of the storm and HERE are some of the Show damage. I was able to run the lights for 2 nights.

20131205 - The LIGHTS ARE ON, Merry Christmas. The weather has a huge impact on our lights. They are on for now. After you visit. please click contact us and then email. tell us what you think about the display. Thank you

20131124 - The KeeblerChristmas Radio Broadcast will NOT be online this year, but look for it to return in October 2014. The scheduled Light launch has been pushed back to 11/30/2013. Please check here BEFORE visiting.

The light show will be evolving throughout the season, please visit often. - enjoy


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2013 marks the 5th year that Keebler Christmas has brought you this computer controlled choreographed light display. The display has evolved by leaps and bounds with 2012 being the first year I was able to use pixels in my display. Generally, pixels are used on stage and in professional ventures; however, the cost for these devices has dropped so much in recent years that I was able to get a few in my show. If you wish to see the previous years offerings, you may view them by clicking MEDIA then VIDEO.

The 2013 light show is scheduled to begin THANKSGIVING night and will run through the first weekend in January 2014. Specific hours will be released closer to the launch date. There will be a live ticker here showing the current light show status, weather, and any delays.

animated-christmas-line29 animated-christmas-line29

Keebler Christmas wishes to offer a special thank you to

 the folks at DIYC ( the greatest do it yourself site on the web.

TSO Trans-Siberian Orchestra ( ) for the AWESOME job of inspiring us and keeping us supplied with AWESOME music :) thank you guys!

ALL the thousands of people who visit every year and see the light show. it means the world to see you come back year after year and bringing your families and friends to help us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

copyright @2013 All rights reserved. All images used by permission, or GPU licensing.

Till the Lights come on


Till Christmas